Our Changing World

Today, effective, innovative fundraising efforts are more critical than ever because the competition for donor dollars is more intense than ever. Major non-profits are confronting the challenges of increased needs for services but shrinking budgets to support these needs.  Economic uncertainties and the ramifications of a worldwide pandemic have made it impossible for charitable organizations to hold their normal fundraising events. And a new trend has emerged where ordinary people take up the cause for a loved one, a friend in need, or a commitment close to their heart.

Over the years we’ve worked with large and small non-profits and individuals seeking support for a cause near and dear. Live events have varied greatly in size, content, complexity, and committee support. Many organizers have been old hands at planning events and have relied on us to generate that “WOW” factor with carefully selected and displayed memorabilia or unique travel packages. Directors of Development have appreciated an ally with three decades of experience in their field.  And those new to fundraising have counted on us to help avoid any pitfalls.

Traditional live events have long been a staple in a charity’s annual funding goals. Today, however, the pandemic has rewritten the playbook and organizations have had to respond accordingly. With the major live event temporarily in hibernation, new options have taken hold.

Online (virtual) auctions have the ability to expand the number of supporters through email blasts and social media postings. It incorporates the use of internet fundraising software to create an online auction using pictures, descriptions, and an ability to bid on items using a credit card.

Virtual auctions have led to a new event called “hybrids,” which combine limited capacity in-person live content with a virtual experience.

So, whether on-site live, online virtual, or a hybrid, Ocean State Charity Events has you covered. If your plans call for an on-site event, our memorabilia display will be sure to draw a crowd. And if an online auction is part of your strategy, our customized Luxury Suite virtual auction can work independently or in conjunction with your donated items.

Whatever the choice OSCE relieves you of the stress and anxiety because we handle all the details, freeing you up to focus your efforts on areas that earn the most revenue.

“Ed has been a huge help to our fundraising efforts at the WooSox Foundation. Not only has Ed increased the revenue for our events he brings unique auction items that grab the attention of everyone. It’s a joy to work with him every year.”-Simi Stark / Program Coordinator, WooSox Foundation

If you’d like to talk with us about your plans or have questions, please complete the information form or simply give us a call at 401-602-8548 or email info@oceanstatecharityevents.org. We look forward to talking with you.

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