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We offer a full comprehensive 'memorabilia for fundraising' service.

• No extra work for you or your charity.
• No risk for you or your charity.

We come in and set up, and at the end of the day we turn over the profits - it's that simple!

While it is not possible to anticipate every question that comes up about planning and executing a charity event, below are some of the most common. If you have a question or would like to discuss your event, please contact us.

What do you provide and how much does it cost?

OSCE can provide a stand-alone silent and/or online auction complete with everything needed for a thoughtful, eye pleasing experience. Or we can combine your donated items with ours. (You are responsible for the tables). We deliver the items, set them up, sell them and break them down at NO COST to you. We stay with you throughout the event and offer post-event evaluation. In either case, there is NO FEE and we will even supply the staff!

What is an Online Auction?

An online (virtual) auction incorporates the use of internet fundraising software to create an online auction using pictures, descriptions, and an ability to bid on items using a credit card. The benefits of an online auction include but are not limited to:  A greater audience can view/bid on your items; check out becomes automated; and the online auction can be combined with a Live Event.

Is There a Fee for the Online Auction?

Ocean State Charity Events does not charge a fee to work with you to build your online auction. The fundraising platform charges a 4.9% processing fee which, during the auction setup phase, can be set so that fee is added to the winning bidder’s purchase, allowing you to maximize the profit.

How Do I Know if an Online Auction is Right for My Event?

Online auctions absolutely require:

• Robust email distribution list to blast your auction link;

• Robust Social media presence to make people aware of your online auction;

• An active & engaged committee to continually blast out emails selling your online auction;

• A commitment to establish a marketing plan for the auction and stick to it!

What Does Ocean State Charity Events Suggest for Online Auction Items?

• OSCE recommends an auction with 30-40 items with a higher value as opposed to lesser dollar amounts.

• OSCE can offer 10-20 assorted pieces of deluxe framed memorabilia or vacation getaways with no obligation. If an item does not sell, the charity owes nothing.

• OSCE deluxe framed items can include a wide selection of any sports team, music, nostalgia, politics, etc.

• OSCE autographed items come with Certificates of Authenticity from the industry’s most recognizable/reputable sources.

What makes Ocean State Charity Events different from typical sports memorabilia businesses?

Unlike the sports collectible storefronts, Ocean State Charity Events delivers more than 30 years of non-profit fundraising expertise to your table! Sports memorabilia is but one part of our diverse memorabilia collection. Our recommendations and uncanny attention to detail promote best practices and help you avoid common pitfalls! Our attendance at your events allows potential bidders to make informed choices because they better understand the piece they are interested in. Our top priority is to help you raise money using a silent auction process that is classy and professional!

Ocean State Charity Events was born from the non-profit culture. We are personally committed to charity by offering opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities.

How far in advance should I start planning?

Events can vary in scope and size. Some are the grass roots pasta dinners while others are full-blown galas. Some even cover several days. Always give yourself enough time to establish your dedicated committee members, shop for the best and most appropriate venue, create necessary marketing materials, and lastly, don’t make the mistake of giving potential guests a way out by responding that your invitation was on short notice! Always give guests a first invitation 4-6 weeks in advance.

What should be the #1 priority?

Once the idea for a fundraiser is made, an enthusiastic committee begins work. It is very common to begin using valuable resource time toward the collection of typical raffle items, gift certificates, and items for silent auctions. While this is all well and good, the primary goal is to fill the room with your guests. The best raffle and silent auctions are worthless if the room is half empty! Ocean State Charity Events can take much of this pressure off your committee. We can act as the sole source of your silent/live auction, or as a compliment to what you obtain on your own!

What should be priority #2?

Understand your audience!!! You want to fill the room, but you need to have the right guests to meet your fundraising goals. Do your homework. Know the number of men vs. women, age brackets, interests and capacity to give. This will help determine the ratio of autographed vs. non autographed items, sports, vs. entertainers vs. vintage pieces or even pieces that reflect the theme of your venue. It will also establish realistic bid ranges.

What makes a good committee?

The best committees use the enthusiasm, tireless work ethic and passion of a diverse number of constituents- employees, volunteers, family members, board members, business people, etc. all of who have one thing in common- Love for your organization!

How do we choose our memorabilia?

Memorabilia selections typically begin with our first conversation. We talk about your event, your venue, your cause and projected guests. We discuss a quantity and budget to determine the most appropriate selections. Ocean State Charity Events can email a partial catalog and can also setup an opportunity for you to preview items in person. It is important to note that new arrivals in memorabilia are added weekly based on the hottest trends!

How varied is your memorabilia collection?

Ocean State Charity Events prides itself on access to extensive charity –based memorabilia resources. We offer everything to meet your needs from the worlds of sports, entertainment, politics and nostalgia!


How many items should we have?

Don’t over saturate or dilute an event with too many items because it gets confusing to guests. We typically suggest 12-20 pieces depending on projected crowd size. In some cases more. In others less! Please note that space required for a typical silent auction display requires a minimum of (2) 8’ tables provided by the venue. Some of our events requested 30+ items! The general rule of thumb is that 4-5 pieces are displayed upright per 8’ table.

Do you authenticate your autographed memorabilia?

Ocean State Charity Events does not authenticate autographed items or assess a value to items you may obtain. Our memorabilia is received already framed, matted and authenticated from reputable sources.

Will our consignment silent auction items draw attention away from our donated items?

Absolutely not! 99.99% of our sales are made with credit cards! It does not take money out of your guest’s pockets!

What is a good way to get more people bidding?

A best practice is to make several announcements regarding the silent auction. Your event emcee should encourage generous bidding, notify guests the time the silent auction ends (and stick to it) and how the checkout process will work. Also, make sure to locate your silent auction in a high visibility area!

Should each item include a starting bid and increments?

Yes! We recommend starting bids on every item, even those you obtain on your own. Also have stated bid increments. Your goal is to raise money! Without increments bidders could increase by only $1.

Will a silent auction work outdoors?

That can be very tricky. Elements such as dust, rain, wind and even sun can wreak havoc on framed pictures. We take great pride in bringing brand new items to your event, actually removing them from protective wrapping at your venue!

“Hi, Ed. Thank you again for all of your help, support, and friendship I truly enjoyed working and learning from you. Our guests absolutely raved about your pieces! I truly think part of our success was due to your input and direction and I can’t thank you enough for that. Please let me know when you are free as I’d love to get your diagnosis of our event so I can make a better plan of attack for our next one.”

– POLARIS Counseling and Consulting, LLC

If you’d like to talk with us about your plans or have questions, please complete the information form or simply give us a call at 401-602-8548 or email info@oceanstatecharityevents.org. We look forward to talking with you.

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