Leading From Experience

The fundraising side of our business is straightforward. We provide a separate, stand-alone revenue stream of distinctive, consignment-based memorabilia and travel packages to enhance the function.

But there’s another side to Ocean State Charity Events. It’s the leadership we’re able to provide to groups new to the event planning process or to individuals committed to raising funds for a cause close to their hearts, but not sure where to start.

Decades as a Director of Development plus years of work with a broad spectrum of organizations and individual appeals have provided a thorough understanding of the necessary actions required to assure a rewarding end result.

Multi-tasking and Maintaining Focus

You want to raise funds to support an identified worthy objective. In doing so you first need to determine the degree of need, why people should help, and what you want your impact to be. Then you are going to begin to poll people who might assist. They’ll also, hopefully, have contacts. There will then be a number of decisions about the shape of your function. What is the theme? Where will it be held?  When?  Will you have food? Sit-down dinner or passed hors d’oeuvres? How many attendees? Admission price? Publicity? Who will do what? And the list goes on!

There has to be direction… and motivation…. a team manager charged with keeping assignments on schedule, enthusiasm high, energies focused on the big picture, and guidance based on “best practices.”

It can all be quite overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

A Helping Hand

In some cases you are starting from scratch with a cause and an idea. In others, you have a committee in place but need guidance with establishing an overall blueprint and plugging in numbers. You may be well on your way but have hit a snag in identifying the people you should be inviting to the event. (The actual solicitation is your responsibility).

Where should you begin? Sometimes there are extraordinary demands such as writing remarks or speeches about your organization or cause, suggesting the proper steps in greeting guests, reviewing promotional materials, even advising on menu selections.

Our consulting services are intended to offer as much…or as little guidance as required. We’re in this together.  Our charges are considerably less than most “professional consultants” because we recognize the challenges under which you are laboring. Our desire is to minimize your consulting expense by providing the leadership in such a way that you handle most of the execution.


A Three-Step Process

1- Initial Get Together – You’ve researched resources and chosen to look at Ocean State Charity Events. At our meeting we’ll explore exactly where you think we can help, describe our consulting services and billing structure, answer your questions and determine if we should move forward together.

2- Follow-Up “Committee” Meeting  – If you have a committee in place, we’ll meet to further clarify the needs process, how we see a working relationship evolving and ballpark costs. If acceptable we’ll prepare a proposal for your review and acceptance.

3- Proposal Acceptance – That’s when we really go to work for you providing the knowledge and, most importantly, the passion, to deliver the results you desire.

“Ed has been a huge asset in understanding the best practices for achieving our mission! We could not have been more satisfied with the guidance & mentoring that Ed has shared with us. It’s been a wonderful experience!”

– PRIDE, Inc.

If you’d like to talk with us about your plans or have questions, please complete the information form or simply give us a call at 401-602-8548 or email info@oceanstatecharityevents.org. We look forward to talking with you.