Why we are different!.

We have been providing risk- free, high quality, affordable memorabilia and guidance to diverse area charities and individuals since 2010. What sets us apart from others is more than 30 years non-profit fundraising experience. We are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the path to a successful event and a trusted partner to interact with your VIP’S, donors, guests, sponsors, and constituents.


Our Live/Silent/Virtual auction services relieve you of the stress and anxiety because we handle all the details, freeing you up to focus your efforts on areas that earn the most revenue.

We Bring More To Your Event...Much More

1. Free Memorabilia/Travel Consultation – From our extensive resources, we’ll help select the most appealing items suitable to your theme, your audience, your price-points, and in the correct quantity. The goal is simple: Maximize your return!

2. Professionally Framed and Matted Pieces With Hand Cut Glass and Laser Cut Matting – Quality and value displayed in a manner to dazzle the eye and inspire generous bidding.

3. Customization and Atypical Requests Welcomed! – We’re always up to a challenge.

4. 100% Unconditional Guarantees and Certificates of Authenticity!

5. Risk-Free, No Cost Consignment!

6. No Fees on Items That Do Not Sell!

7. All Profits Above the Consignment Rate Stay With You

8. Free Delivery and Professional Set Up!

9. Available Staff to Assist With Your Event

10. Easels, Clipboards, and Custom Bid Sheets Included

11. We Process Credit Card Purchases… AND WE PAY THE FEES!

12. Post-Event Follow-Through – We don’t pack up and leave after an event. We follow up and improve; Did we meet our goals? What was sold and for how much? How did we do against past programs?, What worked and what could be done better?


Virtual Auctions were taking hold long before the pandemic

because they have the ability to expand the numbers of supporters through email blasts and social media postings taking your event past just the ticket buying live event guests. Virtual auctions can be held alone or in concert with a live event making the cash out process automatic with a greater opportunity to raise more money.

A new trend has emerged where people take up the cause for a loved one, a friend in need or a commitment close to their heart.


This is what people like you are saying about OSCE

“Ed, Thank you for all you do for the Rock N Jock Charities. Rock-N-Jock Charities is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise funds for the children of Rhode Island who are experiencing life-altering illness and disability. The heart and soul of Rock-N-Jock Charities is to support these children, and their families, as they face life’s daily challenges. With your support we can make a difference in their lives! Ed Egan’s expertise & advice is a priceless asset to me. Thank you so much for being a part of our organization.”

Steve Smith, Chairman Rock N Jock Charities

“Meeting Ed Egan and OSCE has been instrumental in raising funds to allow Justin to remain at home with his family during his long nightmare fighting ALS. We couldn’t have done it without Ed’s help. ALS is an awful, gruesome disease that tears at the fabric of every family. In addition to the emotional and psychological stress, there is the financial component. Partnering with OSCE continues to be a powerful vehicle for us to maximize our efforts at our charity events. The Justin Brace ALS Fund looks forward to working with you again.”

Jack Brace

“We had no idea how to run a charity auction for our Golf Tournament. Ed advised us on what worked well and picked appropriate items from his vast catalog of memorabilia. When COVID hit before our planned tournament date, our onsite Silent Auction was no longer feasible, Ed quickly offered to set up and manage a Virtual Online Auction instead. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Ed was a pleasure to work with, his experience was invaluable and his help was instrumental to our success. We plan to use him in all of our future charity auctions.”

Krista Barton / Co-Chairwoman
Advanced Math & Science Charter School Golf Tournament Committee